2000 Ibanez UV777BK -UPDATED  

This guitar is no longer available, and this page is only here as a placeholder. I'll put up some info that's semi relevant, or not, when I get around to it. heh

Specs: You know these already;
7 string 24 fret bound rosewood board on a one piece maple neck. Basswood body. All Access Neck Joint (AANJ). Two Blaze humbuckers and a Blaze single coil.

My last  new pack of guitar strings inexplicably came with a single bronze string, so I put it on anyway. There are no scratches on the guitar, just a lot of glare from the flash. There is one match head sized nick in the finish, which is shown in the photos below. There is also a small mark at the tip of the headstock, also shown below. There is some minor swirling on the mirror pick guard from playing, but nothing really heavy. The UV comes with 4 extra packs of DR strings (three 9's and a 10) and an Ibanez 7th Heaven pedal that's very nearly new.

I can take any other pictures you may want, just let me know..

I'm looking for a Jem7VWH in good shape with no neck or fret issues. She should come in a reliable hardshell case. I can add cash to a deal to get it done, so don't be afraid to ask.

I'll also consider a Jem7VSBL, with the same lack of neck/fret issues, and a hard case.

Please email me to ask any questions or  to request more photos or whatever.

Pics below:

Thanks for looking




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